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Sorghum, also known as Jowar is widely regarded as the “new quinoa” due to its gluten-free, whole grain goodness. The ancient grain, a member of the millet family, is experiencing a revival as people move away from refined wheat products, which are not considered healthy. Because of its high nutrient content, Jowar is a desirable grain for good health.

Here are some of the health benefits of Jowar or Sorghum:

·         The 3-Deoxyanthoxyanins (3-DXA) present in Jowar may inhibit cancer tumor growth.

·         It can protect against the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance.

·         It is safe for people with celiac disease.

·         It can help manage cholesterol levels.

·         The high levels of manganese in Jowar help maintain calcium levels in your body as manganese increases calcium absorption.