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Kabuli Chana (meaning 'from Kabul' in Hindi, since they were thought to have come from Afghanistan when first seen in India) or Safed Chana is the kind widely grown throughout the Mediterranean and the Indian Subcontinent. Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Mature chickpeas can be cooked and eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, ground into a flour called gram flour (also known as chickpea flour and besan and used frequently in Indian cuisine). In the Iberian Peninsula, chickpeas are very popular: In Portugal they are often used in hot dishes with bacalhau and in soup. In Spain they are often used cold in different tapas and salads, as well as in cocido madrile?o. In Egypt, chickpeas are used as a topping for Kushari. Because of their high protein content, chick peas are now increasingly being used as animal feed.



Counts per Ounce: 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 58/60, 75/80, 100/110
Foreign Matter: 0.20% Max
Total Defects: 04.20 % to 07.20% depending on counts
Moisture:10.00% to 14.00% DEPENDING UPON WEATHER